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Free for Seniors – Over 55

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There’s something about the saying “The best things in life are free.” It’s not that you cherish those items more, instead you have this sense that you received something that not everyone else could get. If you over the age of 55 (known in society as a senior) there is cash, goods and services just waiting for your consumption. Every year our government gives away money and products to those people in the over 55 range. You can get this compiled list in a book entitled Free for Seniors.

Many of the items listed in the book are available regardless of your income or assets. The government doesn’t advertise these free items so many classify the items as a best-kept secret. Here’s an example of a few items in the book:

  • Get free prescription drugs
  • Get free dental care…for you and your grandkids
  • Get up to $800 for food
  • Find out where to get $1,800 to keep you warm this winter
  • of course there are more in the book

The book costs $14.95 plus $3.98 postage/handling (total of $18.93) and is available by sending your name and address along with a check or money order to:

Dept FSB5314,
717 – 12th St NW
Canton, OH 44703-1964

or call 1-800-772-7285 ext. FSB5314

Okay, so the first question you should be asking is, “Wouldn’t it be more frugal for me to find this information on the web, for free?” The answer is “yes” that would be the frugal way. However, as with most sites on the web, you can’t find it all in one place, and, even more importantly, you will find many sites claiming to have all the information in an eBook for a portion of the price. I think you will find that those eBooks are not all they claim to be.

This information was originally published in the San Antonio Express-News and can also be found here: http://www.drshealthproducts.com/prod_fsb.php

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